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Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery Rumors: Before and After

Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery

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Whitney Houston is believed to be one of the best singers of our generation. Her angelic voice could soothe even the saddest soul. Unfortunately, she was never able to soothe herself as her tumultuous life led her towards depression, drug addiction and numerous tragical events. Eventually her life ended at an age which most people consider to be the prime of life. Once her perfect diva image was dispersed, a lot of people judged Whitney for her controversial life choices. However, few people can understand that some souls are just too fragile for this world. Perhaps the reason why Whitney was so loved by her fans was not her sublime voice, but the emotion she transmitted when she was singing. That emotion was the result of a sensitive soul which was perhaps not prepared to deal with a world as harsh as ours. Nevertheless, her life continues to fascinate the fans. A lot of people still wonder if the Whitney Houston plastic surgery rumors are true. Today, we will try to find the truth behind those rumors.

Breast implants?

The Whitney Houston plastic surgery rumors were generated by some controversial pictures which clearly suggest that the diva has had breast implants. The before and after pictures speak for themselves and leave no room for interpretation. In the last years of her life, Whitney’s breasts were considerably bigger than they were at the beginning of her career. A lot of women who try to hide cosmetic surgeries blame the increase of her breasts on motherhood. However, during the last years of her life, Whitney’s breasts were perkier than they were when she was young. It is very unlikely for breasts to become firmer as one gets old. In fact, things should be the other way around.

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Rumors confirmed by autopsy report

Those of you who still have doubts about the Whitney Houston plastic surgery rumors, should check out her autopsy report. This report confirms a lot of controversial rumors which were revolving around her life. Her body was full of toxic substances which clearly showed that she has been addicted to drugs for many years now. The drug addiction left her without 11 front teeth. It is believed that this same addiction also caused a hole in her nose and the loss of her hair. Towards the end of her life, Whitney was wearing false teeth and a wig in order to hide the effects of her poor health caused by an extensive use of drugs. At the time of her autopsy, the diva’s body had many burns caused by the hot water in which she drowned. However, the burns could not hide the scars which the coroner believed to have been associated with cosmetic surgeries. The scars on her breasts were the most obvious. She is also believed to have used Liposuction on her tummy and her hips. There was also a scar on her neck, which could have been the result of a neck lifting procedure.

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