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tyra banks nose job Tyra’s name is synonymous with high fashion and beauty that is not only stunning, but also relateable for the masses. However, just like many of her contemporaries, Banks has had her share of help from plastic surgeons. Tyra Banks nose job is just one of the procedures this supermodel had done over the years as the tried to climb up the steep ladder that is the world of high fashion and commercial modeling.

Tyra Banks Nose Job Before & After

It is no secret that Tyra had been bullied as a child and teenager, and that many modeling agencies passed on her before she managed to land a job. As she rose in the modeling ranks, Tyra was met with criticism on her looks as well as her body type (she became really curvy as she grew into her late teens and early 20s), so she started considering getting cosmetic enhancements in order to become a more marketable model.

Tyra Banks nose job is perhaps the most widely known procedure she had and Banks have been quite candid when asked about it. Her photos from the 90s and very early 2000s revealed just how much she has changed over the years. That said, she denied ever having breast implants since she was already too curvy for the runway to begin with.

Her voluptuous figure did not slow her career down the in the least bit as she became one of the highest paid models of all time along with Giselle Bundchen, Heidi Klum, and the ever infamous Naomi Campbell.

Today, Banks is a self-proclaimed advocate against bullying as well as Hollywood stereotyping. The show America’s Next Top Model, which is co-produced, is her main tool in bringing awareness about tolerance and appreciation of all kinds of beauty- whether mainstream or exotic.

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