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The Truth Behind the Kim Novak Plastic Surgery

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery

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Lots of Kim Novak plastic surgery speculations were created after the actress appeared at the 86th Annual Academy Awards this year. She was invited to present two awards, but people were more interested in her completely different face and distorted image. While she is known for the impeccable aspect that she had while she was the leading actress in the Hitchcock movies, Kim now appears like a whole different person. Still, giving that now she is 81 years old, we wouldn’t expect her to look like she did in her green days, but the shocking thing is that she doesn’t look like she has aged naturally.

Silicone injections

When Kim presented an award during the Oscars, everyone seemed to be shocked by her new aspect. She raised the audience’s eyebrows when she showed off a face that had nothing to do with what people were used to see. Therefore, many Kim Novak plastic surgery rumors appeared, and her fans started to blame her for undergoing cosmetic procedures that made her look too artificial. Based on many experts’ sayings, the actress had silicone injections to eliminate the wrinkles from her forehead and around her eyes. Furthermore, it appears that the star used over aggressive fat injections to enhance her image, but the results of the Kim Novak plastic surgery are disastrous, and they might be irreversible. There are many celebrities who use cosmetic operations to improve their aspect. The secret is to avoid trying too hard to achieve a much younger aspect, because only that way you will obtain subtle results.

Chin treatment

Comparing some older pictures of Kim and with more recent photos, we can see that her chin looks drastically different. While the angle and the size of her chin might indicate that she had several chin treatments to change the shape of her face, her highlighted cheeks look like she used implants to add more balance to her figure. Rumors say that the star, who was known for her natural beauty in the 1950s, had lots of plastic interventions over the last years, which is why her eyebrows are so high on her forehead, and her lips look stretched. After her appearance at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, many people started to make fun of her aspect, some stating that she couldn’t even speak due to the wide range of interventions that she had. However, others tried to defend the legendary actress from all the mean jokes that were made based on her image.

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