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The Story of the Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery

Michael Douglas Plastic Surgery

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Born in 1944, the famous actor and producer Michael Kirk Douglas is believed to have undergone many cosmetic improvements and has shocked his fans when he openly admitted the plastic surgery procedures he had. Throughout the time, Michael had to resort to various surgeries and cosmetic procedures to maintain his aspect, which is understandable, when you are married to Catherine-Zeta Jones. Check out the story of Michael Douglas plastic surgery and see if they helped the 70-year old actor to look younger.

Sacrifices in the name of beauty

The 25 years difference between him and his beautiful wife may be the reason for Michael Douglas plastic surgery. Rumors say that the actor had a facelift in 2005, when he was spotted leaving a restaurant with bandages near his ears and bloody scars on his face, scars than can be seen today as well. The nicely done facelift procedure had tightened the actor’s skin and keeps the face away from sagging skin, without the need of repeating the process over and over. However, tight and smooth skin at the age of 70 does not look too natural, but one has to make some sacrifices.

An inspired facelift

Beside the facelift, another Michael Douglas plastic surgery with an important role is injecting Botox into his face. By injecting Botox all over his face, Michael managed to banish the wrinkles on the forehead, the area around the eyes and the cheeks. Some people think that his role as “Liberace” in “Behind the Candelabra” inspired him to get some cosmetic surgery procedures, because Liberace himself is described as a man who resorted to plastic surgery to look young eternally. Journalists asked Michael whether his role inspired him to get plastic surgery, and he openly admitted that his beauty improvements were inspired by his role in the movie.

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Neck lift for a smooth neck

Besides facelift surgery, Michael Douglas also admitted that he had a neck lift that made his neck skin look tighter as the excess skin was removed from the neck. With the help of this miraculous procedure done by a very gifted plastic surgeon, the actor looks younger than any other man his age. All the rumors on the Michael Douglas plastic surgery have been analyzed and checked by professional plastic surgeons who stated that the actor has succumbed to all the named procedures, in pursuit of a much younger and smoother aspect. However, no one can say whether the Michael Douglas plastic surgery stops to facelift and neck lift or if the list is longer.

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