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The Story of Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery Disaster

Priscilla Presley Plastic Surgery

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Although Priscilla Presley was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, she ruined her entire appearance when she decided to ask for the services of a plastic surgeon who tuned out to be a bogus doctor. It’s true that every celebrity wants to maintain a youthful appearance for as much as they can, but sometimes the results can be devastating. The Priscilla Presley plastic surgery signs indicate that the star turned to many cosmetic enhancements as a way to improve her aspect, but she wasn’t aware of the consequences that she was exposing herself to.

Why did the celebrity feel the need to improve her aspect?

When people are counting on their good looks to become famous, their appearance is all that matters to them. So, this might be one of the reasons why Priscilla decided to stop the natural process of aging. Her beauty helped her become the wife of one of the most beloved people on Earth, Elvis Presley, and it also helped her build a great acting career. However, we can’t say that Priscilla is just a pretty face, especially since she is a business magnate, which means that she is a very intelligent woman as well. So, the only reason why she could have opted for cosmetic surgery was for her self-assurance.

How did she lose her gorgeous aspect?

Although she used to be known for her natural beauty, the American actress shows off now a distorted face. According to the Priscilla Presley plastic surgery suppositions, the star was a victim of a notorious doctor who didn’t use safe methods of restoring his clients’ youth. Priscilla was one of the many Hollywood stars who wanted to find a quick fix for their problem, so she ended up contacting “Dr.” Daniel Serrano, who used a non approved drug to enhance the way she looked. Priscilla allowed this fake plastic surgeon to inject an illegal substance in her cheeks, which was the worst choice that she ever made. However, after investigations were over, Daniel Serrano was imprisonment.

Facelift procedures

Considering that the celebrity doesn’t have any wrinkles on her face, nor other aging signs, we can safely assume that she used facelift procedures and Botox treatments to preserve her nice features. However, the results weren’t the desired ones, as her skin doesn’t look toned at all, and she shows off a swollen face. Overdoing plastic interventions can have some bad consequences, and that is what happened in Priscilla’s case.

Eyelid surgeries

There are some Priscilla Presley plastic surgery rumors according to which she also had some work done to her eyes. People of her age usually have saggy skin under their eyes, and the only way they can remove it is by going under the knife. So, it appears that this type of cosmetic enhancement is another factor that contributed to Priscilla’s unnatural aspect.

Necklift interventions

Based on how smooth the star’s neck is, we can conclude that it is the result of an attempt to eliminate saggy skin and achieve a fresh aspect. Unlike her other cosmetic surgeries, her necklift interventions seem to be a success, especially since there are no signs of overdoing the procedure.

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