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The Story of Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery

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Joan Rivers is one of the Hollywood celebrities who seem to deny the natural aging process of their body. Although she is a legend among those who love standup comedy, and she has everything one can desire, it appears that there are some things that she is not happy with. Based on the changes that she has gone through, we can only assume that the artist is afraid of getting old and losing her good looks. Therefore, the Joan Rivers plastic surgery signs are very visible, especially since the 81 year old looks surprisingly well for her age. Still, the comedian is almost unrecognizable. Moreover, she looks like she is a totally different person.

What does the artist have to say about the Joan Rivers plastic surgery rumors?

Joan Rivers admitted that she had many plastic interventions during her life. Moreover, she even declared in one of her interviews that she had 739 procedures, because that is how she thought that she will achieve perfection. She continued to explain that cosmetic surgery is like having coffee for her, and that is why she feels the need to have something done every weekend. Amazingly, the TV star declared that, although she went under the knife for so many times, she is afraid of getting a tattoo.

Which is the most noticeable change that we can see on the celebrity’s face?

The Joan Rivers plastic surgery signs are very obvious, especially if we analyze the way her nose looks. Comparing with the way that she looked at the beginning of her career, we can see that her nose is smaller now and that it is shaped pinched. However, considering the opinion of certain plastic surgeons, the results of her nose hob are not the best ones, so she should have taken more care of certain aspects in order to avoid these bad consequences.

Botox injections and brow lifts for a younger appearance

Joan’s tight face is the result of the numerous Botox injections and facelifts that she had. Furthermore, the brow lifts changed dramatically the shape of her eyes, which are the most important facial feature. So, that is why her fans are having problems in recognizing her and that is the reason why she looks like she is another person.

Tummy tucks, chemical peeling, breast implant, and liposuctions

These are all the other cosmetic enhancements that the star used in order to improve her aspect. It appears that she considers that she has to do everything she can so that she won’t disappoint her fans. But if the Joan Rivers plastic surgery list increases, her audience won’t even be able to identify her as the female comedian who managed to build a career in a man’s world.

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