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The Story of Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery

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Donatella is the vice president of one of the most luxurious fashion brands in the world. However, she is not known only for her successful career, but also for the plastic interventions that she has gone through since the 1990s. The Donatella Versace plastic surgery assumptions proved to be true over the years, as the designer herself declared that she is unhappy with the choices that she made.

The surgeries that the fashion designer has suffered during time have had some bad consequences, as we can see from older photos. Before asking for a plastic surgeon’s services, Donatella was very appreciated for her warm and lovely appearance. However, it seems that the star wasn’t very pleased with the way that she looked, so she turned to some questionable practices in order to adjust her aspect. The worst part is that now she looks like a totally different person, and she doesn’t transmit the same warm feeling anymore.

Before and after the plastic interventions

Plastic surgeries are modern procedures meant to improve someone’s aspect. A lot of celebrities go under the knife, not only to look younger but also more sensual. For example, if you check out some Kim Kardashian before plastic surgery photos, you will see that the young diva’s body has suffered several modifications over the years. However, in Donatela’s case, we are not talking about mere insecurities but about a plastic surgery obsession.

Considering how bad plastic procedures ruined Donatella’s aspect, we can only imagine how terrible they were. Still, fame was one of the factors that influenced the designer’s perception about beauty. Furthermore, Donatella Versace plastic surgery rumors wouldn’t have had such an impact if she would have stayed in the shadows of her brother, Gianni. Yet, she came into the public light after her brother’s death, and that is how all the chaos started.

Donatella’s facelift

The over application of chemicals can have some serious consequences. According to some of the Donatella Versace plastic surgery suppositions, her skin appears overstretched and tighter due to a facelift intervention that caused her face to look unnatural and frozen. Moreover, this procedure cannot be undone, so a reversal surgical maneuver can lead to some bad complications.

The artist’s lip augmentation

Although the fashion designer focused on preserving the beauty of her skin, she also tried to maintain the youth of her lips. Furthermore, she opted for bigger lips, and she repeated the procedure until the result turned into a failure. Although anyone is aware of the dangers that come with lip augmentation, Donatella couldn’t resist to the promise of fuller lips and a luscious aspect.

Still, the intervention turned out to be a disaster, and the celebrity started to lose her good looks. The saddest part of the story is that the artist used to have really nice features, but now she has to deal with the results of her obsessions.

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