Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

The Signs of Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

Considering the fact that the “Friends” star is in her 40s and she doesn’t have any aging signs, we can safely assume that the Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery rumors are true, and that she used different tricks to maintain her good looks. Still, the actress denies these types of speculations, and she claims that she uses many skin tips to maintain a fresh and youthful aspect. The famous actress, who is also a producer and a film director admitted that she used facial fillers several times, but she wasn’t pleased with the results, so she stopped.

Which signs indicate that the actress had cosmetic surgery to enhance her aspect?

Keeping in mind that the actress is 45 years old and that she doesn’t show any aging signs, her fans started to speculate that she uses medical support in order to maintain her good looks. Her youthful appearances, and the lack of sagging skin around her eyes can make anyone believe that she went under the knife to eliminate these aging signs. Furthermore, there are some Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery suppositions according to which she opted for a breast augmentation, a Rhinoplasty and other cosmetic enhancements to improve her aspect.

Jennifer Aniston’s Rhinoplasty

In 2007, the actress who became famous due to her role as Rachel Green on “Friends” sitcom, was seen coming out from the office of Dr. Raj Kanodia, who is a famous plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills. She was spotted having bruises on the tip of her nose, which indicated that she had a full nose procedure. However, the star declared that she only had to repair a deviated septum, but she never explained the bruises that she also had on her upper lip and right eyebrow. Anyway, we can see that the results of her operation are very good, as her nose is thinner and her nose bridge is more refined and subtle than before.

Botox injections

Facial fillers are very popular among Hollywood celebrities, and that is why there are many Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery suppositions which imply that the famous actress uses these special tricks to stop the natural process of aging. Although she continues to have a very tight skin, Jenifer claims that she stopped using Botox, because she didn’t like the effects that it had on her face. Furthermore, she admitted that she tried it out of curiosity, but after seeing the results she thought that she looked ridiculous. So, that is what determined her to reject the idea of using facial fillers again.

Lip injections and anti-cellulite sculpting treatments

There are certain experts who claim that Jennifer definitely had lip injections in 2007, especially since her upper lip looked much larger and different. However, the results were very natural, and they helped her look even better than she already did. The star said that her sculpting treatment is very effective, and that it helps her skin to stay smooth and flexible, which is essential after a certain age.

Did she have breast implants?

Although there was a time when Jennifer’s breasts looked larger than usual, the celebrity denied the rumors according to which she had breast implants. Furthermore, she said that gaining weight was one of the reasons why her chest area looked different, and that she didn’t have a cosmetic surgery. So, it appears that the star appreciates the way she looks, and she doesn’t need any artificial procedures to feel amazing.

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