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The Signs of Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery

Janet Jackson Plastic Surgery

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Janet Jackson stepped out from the public light after marrying Wissam Al Mana in 2012. Still, she was surprised looking very different at a recent red carpet event. The star’s new look made everyone believe that she went under the knife to hide her real age, and obtain a more youthful look. According to specialists, the artist looks to good for her age, as generally women who are in their late 40s show aging signs around their eyes, or on their forehead. It is true that expensive skin care treatments can be used to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, but no one ca fight the natural process of aging. Therefore, it seems that some of the latest Janet Jackson plastic surgery rumors might be true.

Facelift procedure

Based on many Janet Jackson plastic surgery speculations, the celebrity opted for a facelift to tighten the skin of her face and achieve a fresher aspect. During a fashion event that took place in Dubai last year, the singer shocked everyone with an unrecognizable face that seemed to be altered by cosmetic surgery. Furthermore, the puffier aspect of her face can be seen as one of the signs which indicate that she was recovering after a facelift procedure.

Experts’ opinion

According to plastic surgeons’ opinion, the singer’s severely arched eyebrows also might be the result of a facelift, because during such a procedure, the eyebrows are pulled outwards. When the skin is pulled too tight, it can make the patient look like an Asian, and all of her facial features will look different after the operation. Although many people say that Janet’s plastic surgery didn’t turn out well, Dr. Terry Dubrow, an expert from Newport Beach, said that Janet looks more natural than she used to look a few years ago, which is the result of plastic surgery progression. However, the artist’s makeup artist, Preston Meneses declared that Janet didn’t suffer any plastic interventions, as the only factor that contributed to her “altered” look was makeup.

What other interventions did Janet have over the years?

Over the years, Janet Jackson has surprised everyone with drastic changes in her aspect. Besides the nose job that she had as a teen, she also had breast implants and nip-tuck interventions for getting the slim waist, and the great abs that she continues to have, even if she is 48 years old. Experts claim that Janet repeated some of her plastic interventions, which is why she is able to maintain her good looks. However, although the results of Janet Jackson plastic surgery are all right, the artist should stop having cosmetic procedures for a while, as she might look too artificial if she continues to go under the knife.

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