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The Signs of Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery

Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery

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Gabrielle Anwar is a famous actress who started her career in 1986. She made her debut in “Hideaway”, which was followed by other films and TV productions. Besides impressing with her acting talent, people also appreciated her for her exotic beauty and her elegant look. However, being at her forties and not showing off any aging signs has led to many Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery rumors. It appears that the star went under the knife to delay the natural aging process and to maintain a fresh aspect.

Due to the fact that Gabrielle looks stunning even though she is 44 years old, people started to wonder what kind of tricks she uses in order to maintain her gorgeous image. She became the target of many accusations which involve that she had multiple procedures to keep a youthful appearance, especially since she seems to look even better than she looked when she was younger.

Lip and nose procedures

Analyzing some Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery before and after images, we can see certain differences in her face, especially her lips. The British actress has fuller lips than she had when she was in her twenties, and that is not something that you can achieve by using special makeup. It’s true that makeup artists use all sorts of tricks to improve a person’s aspect, but the permanent pout that the celebrity shows off indicates that she had lip injections to achieve thicker and luscious lips. Moreover, examining her latest appearances, we can notice a slight difference on her nose. Experts claim that her nose looks thinner and more defined than before, which means that she had a cosmetic surgery to obtain these results.

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Which are the rumors that are not true?

According to certain Gabrielle Anwar plastic surgery speculations, the celebrity’s cheekbones and chin look slimmer than before, which might indicate that she opted for cosmetic surgery to enhance her look. Well, this rumors are not true, as we can notice from comparing older and recent pictures that she has the same face shape, and that her cheekbones look slimmer due to a weight loss. When Gabrielle was younger, she had chubbier cheeks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that she used cosmetic surgery to correct her aspect.

Breast augmentation

People started to speculate that Gabrielle had breast implants when she dropped weight, and her bra size remained the same. After losing weight, her body looked more toned and thinner, but her chest area didn’t change a bit. So, based on the fact that fat loss is experienced in all the parts of the body, breast implants might be the answer to what made here maintain the same bra size. However, the celebrity denies all these suppositions, and she claims that she doesn’t have to go under the knife to look good. Furthermore, she declared that she is aware of the fact that people get older with time, and that is why she tries to embrace the aging process. Moreover, she believes that aging gracefully is the key to being in peace with the transformations that she will go through.

What do critics say?

Although the star denied all the accusations according to which she manages to look by using cosmetic surgery, critics believe the opposite. They claim that her surgeries were executed in a very subtle way, and that is why the results are not very obvious. Still, experts admire her for opting for a natural look, and for remaining an elegant appearance.

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