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John Travolta Plastic Surgery

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Nowadays, it is common to see in Hollywood celebrities who went through various plastic surgeries to change their look. And not only women have called for these beauty enhancements, but there are also male celebs who suffered some surgeries. John Travolta is one of these men who decided to let surgeons perform their magic on him. However, the results of John Travolta plastic surgery are anything but beautiful, since the aspect of the actor is now worsened and unnatural.

John Travolta abused of plastic interventions

John Travolta is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, with a blooming career and appearances in many movies, where he always played roles of handsome men. His figure has always been a pleasant one, he was always admired by women all over the world and was seen as a sex-symbol in movies like “Grease” and “Saturday Night Fever”. However, the pressure in Hollywood of always having to look perfect and flawless has overwhelmed John Travolta and was should have been a graceful aging turned out to be a chaotic blend of cosmetic procedures.

Excessive Botox injections and facelifts

The John Travolta plastic surgery row started with various botox injections, fillers injected in the face to fill the wrinkles and a facelift designed to gather the sagging skin. The actor is a fan of Botox, and the excessive usage has turned his face into a paralyzed one, with no expressivity. His forehead is unnaturally smooth, his cheeks look stoned and his entire face seems made of wax. The 60-years old Travolta has the skin of a thirty-year-old man with no deep lines or wrinkles, worry lines or laugh lines and his neck is taut and tight.

Hair implant to hide the balding areas

At the 2014 Oscars, John Travolta appeared with an impeccable figure and a head full of hair, which spawned rumors about a new John Travolta plastic surgery, or more precisely, a hair implant. The actor was wearing a hair piece, or a mesh, that was very obvious on the sides of the head. This type of hair system that the actor was wearing consists of a transparent plastic material with hair strands that is attached to the skin and is designed to have the hair put together one hair strand at a time in a meticulous way that would not show the hair mesh. Even though John Travolta was wearing a very expensive hair system, it was visible from certain angles that he had hair meshes at the temples of his head.

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