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The Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Rumors

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

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A while ago, Pamela Anderson was considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she looked like she is going to maintain her status. However, it seems that the “Baywatch” star made some bad choices over the years, as her aspect deteriorated very badly and her beauty faded. Although the actress said that she never went under the knife to change the aspect of her face, there are some Pamela Anderson plastic surgery rumors according to which she used several cosmetic enhancements to improve her look.

Pamela is not terrified of getting old

During on one of her interviews, Pamela declared that she prefers people who know how to age gracefully, and that she would rather deal with wrinkles than ending up looking all plastic. Moreover, although her image is what made her famous all over the world, the star explained that she is not afraid of getting old, and that is why she doesn’t want to change anything about her face. She decided that cosmetic products are more than enough when it comes to keeping her fans satisfied, and that there is no need to use surgical procedures to look any younger. So, based on her sayings, the Pamela Anderson plastic surgery rumors according to which she used medical support to eliminate aging signs are false.

How does she maintain her look?

There are several plastic surgeons who claim that the star turned to facelifts to keep her fresh face, but Pamela denied all these suppositions. She revealed the fact that she never considered herself the prettiest person in the world, and that she wouldn’t do anything special to change that. Furthermore, she declared that she would like to see what she would look like when she will get old, and that is why she rejects the idea of injecting Botox into her forehead. She said that she is scared of cosmetic surgery, and that she doesn’t even have a skin care program. It appears that the former model manages to keep her good looks by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Considering the fact that she is a vegan, she might have succeeded to keep a fresh image by maintaining her body healthy. So, those who want to achieve the same results should eliminate junk food from their diet, and they should focus more on providing their body the vitamins that it needs.

Is breast augmentation the only cosmetic surgery that she had?

Besides being a talented actress, Pamela is also famous for being the only girl who appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine five times in the 90s, and we can guess that her breast implants had something to do with it. She opted for a breast enlargement when she was very young, but she started to feel uncomfortable after a while, so she decided to have a breast reduction. The star declared that she could hardly wait to have the procedure done, and that the results made her very happy. Still, it seems that she wasn’t happy enough with her new look, because she decided to make another change to her chest area by augmenting her breast again. The second time she used smaller implants to enhance her image, therefore we can conclude that she wanted a more natural look. So, the Pamela Anderson plastic surgery results were the desired ones this time.

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