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The Outrageous Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery

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Although there have been made many Lark Voorhies plastic surgery speculations over the years, the “Saved By The Bell” star never admitted to turning to such questionable methods of preserving her youth. Still, there are many differences between the way that her features look now and the way they used to look a few years ago. So, which is the main cause of her drastic appearance?

Surgical interventions or mental illness?

The actress who played Lisa Turtle in the popular show “Saved By The Bells” has been the subject of plastic interventions for the last few years. Facelifts and other rumors according to which she went under the knife to improve her look affected the actress’s image over the time. Still, according to her mother sayings, her radical look change is attributed to a mental illness that the actress has been struggling with from a fragile age.

Are the rumors true?

The Lark Voorhies plastic surgery assumptions were denied by the actress’s mother who explained that her daughter didn’t have any work done. Furthermore, she declared that her daughter’s plastic appearance is the consequence of a bipolar disorder, which is a condition that affects people’s moods, and causes unhappiness and depression. Moreover, those who are affected can go back and forth between good and irritable mood very quick, which can influence their disposition. Therefore, we can assume that Lark Voorhies doesn’t have the energy that she needs in order to take care of her aspect.

In one of the interviews that she gave in 2012, the movie star didn’t seem to make any sense, as she would stop in a middle of a sentence and start talking to imaginary people. Her behavior was attributed to depression and to the mental illness that she is suffering from, and we can assume that her latest appearances are also a result of her condition. She drew all the attention with a bad makeup at one of the movie premiers that took place recently, as she surprised everyone with a heavy aspect. She applied too much lipstick and blush which made her look different than we were used to.

So, the Lark Voorhies plastic surgery suppositions might be false, especially because most of the actress’s weird appearances are the result of a bad makeup, so they are not caused by a surgeon’s intervention. Moreover, people should think twice before making all sorts of suppositions. Life has taken a downturn for the actress who brought smiles upon many people’s faces, and that is why she should be appreciated and not underestimated.

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