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The Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Disaster

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery

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The scientifically advanced era that we live in offers us many advantages and benefits, but the thing that people seem to appreciate the most is the access to cosmetic surgery. The fact that there are lots of solutions to delay the natural process of aging, encourages people to invest lots of money in their image. However, there are celebrities who are addicted to plastic interventions, and the worst part is that they no longer have a clear notion about beauty. It seems that this is exactly what happened in Nikki Cox’s case, especially since she was considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood a while ago. Apparently, her gorgeous look has faded, and everybody can see the Nikki Cox plastic surgery awful results.

How did Nikki’s cosmetic operations affect her career?

Nikki Cox started her acting career at a fragile age, and besides impressing with her huge talent, she was also appreciated for her natural beauty. Although she had an amazing smile and a perfect body, she decided to boost her appearance by asking for a plastic surgeon’s services. It’s true that people who work in the public domain need to pay extra attention to their aspect, but if it is overdone, cosmetic surgery can have some horrible results that can have a negative impact on anyone’s career. Furthermore, it seems that this is what happened in Nikki’s situation, as film producers no longer consider her an option for their castings. Therefore, she might never get the chance to accomplish important things, and that is because all of the bad choices that she made.

What do specialists have to say?

Based on many professional opinions, the Nikki Cox plastic surgery signs are obvious, but the saddest thing is that the outcome of her procedures has only made her look unattractive and unnatural. While trying to improve her aspect, the only thing that the actress succeeded was to ruin her gorgeous facial features, and disappoint all her fans. It seems that the damage that her face suffered can be repaired only if she stops using cosmetic procedures. Dr. Michael Fiorillo, who is a celebrity surgeon, revealed that Nikki looks like she used fillers for her lips and cheeks, and he said that it would have been better if her interventions weren’t that noticeable. Furthermore, the doctor doesn’t think that the star had a facelift, and he explains that it might look so because she got more fillers than necessary in her cheeks and lips.

Bad breast implants

Besides opting for a lip augmentation, Nikki also opted for a breast enlargement, which looks like it was done by an unskilled doctor. There are some Nikki Cox plastic surgery speculations which imply that the plastic surgeon used silicon pads that were too large for the celebrity’s body, and that is why she ended up looking so unnatural. Moreover, the shape of her breasts is quite unpleasant, as everyone can notice how artificial and distorted her chest area looks. So, it seems that using Botox injections and other facial fillers is not the only mistake that Nikki made. Although she might not have any wrinkles nor a small bust, she lost her gorgeous aspect and her amazing features.

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