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The Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Signs

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

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According to some top plastic surgeons’ sayings, Nicole Kidman used several plastic interventions in order to obtain a better appearance. The Nicole Kidman plastic surgery signs reflect the fact that the actress was no longer pleased with her aspect, which is why she opted for cosmetic enhancements as a solution to her problems. However, the results were not the desired ones, so her attempts of achieving a youthful image failed. Therefore, we hope that she will serve as an example for others who want to stop the natural process of aging.

What determined the actress to opt for breast implants?

Everybody knows how insecure Hollywood celebrities can get after passing a certain age, but it seems that the 47 year old had other reasons to opt for a change. Based on the Nicole Kidman plastic surgery speculations according to which the star tried to save her marriage by doing something about the way she looked, Nicole has other problems that she should worry about. Some of the top doctors noticed that her breasts look much larger than they used to, and they explained that this can only be the result of a breast augmentation. Moreover, there are sources who claim that the celebrity’s plastic interventions can be attributed to her unsuccessful marriage and her lack of self-confidence. Apparently, the actress believes that her husband will break up with her once she will start to look old and tired, so she decided to do something about this issue.

Excessive Botox injections

The appearance that the star had at Cannes festival reveled the fact that she had some cosmetic procedures that didn’t go that well. While she was promoting her new movie, the actress showed off a puffy face and distorted facial features. Her unnatural look made many people wonder what happened to her gorgeous face and her great features. Although the Nicole Kidman plastic surgery suppositions imply that she used Botox injections to eliminate her aging signs, there are other opinions according to which she ended up looking this way due to some pregnancy hormones that she is taking. However, the “Grace of Monaco” star didn’t declare that she wants to have another baby, so face fillers might be the only explanation for her look.

How does the actress respond to all these rumors?

Nicole admitted that she had Botox injections a while ago, but she declared that she wasn’t pleased with the way she looked after having the procedure. Moreover, she explained that she couldn’t move her face after trying Botox, and that is what determined her to go back to the way she used to look before. Furthermore, she claims that she never had plastic surgery, and that going under the knife will never represent an option for her.

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