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The Most Intriguously Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

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Have you ever put yourself the question how easily is it to spot someone who has managed to change something at their appearance on the surgery part? Would you like to know whether or not one of the rising stars on the planet those days has managed to get one or is just a simple rumour? You probably already know the person we are spotting among those lines, but to make your choice a lot easier, stick with us and keep an eye on the following lines to know something more about the Lee Min Ho’s plastic surgery!

Nose Intervention

This is basically the starting point from which Lee Min Ho managed to be put into the spot light from the very beginning. What he did was actually the media’s work – everyone spotted his change found on his face, especially onto the nose area. Rumours say that he has suffered a nose intervention, since by making a comparison between some time ago and a photo taken among the last days we can clearly see there has been made a slight difference – his nose looks well reshaped, thinner and shaper from every angle.

What he says

Being a South Korean star, only during the last years they have managed to gain the right to be under knife of suffering a plastic surgery. Rumours say that Lee Min Ho has had a plastic surgery, but every time he is asked over this delicate aspect he tries to mum, but says nothing concrete about the intervention. Due to this fact, the public concluded that he indeed has had rhinoplasty surgery.

What his Managers say

When talking about the Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery, the Star Haus Entertainment agency assures us that all the South Korean stars are promoted in their natural way, just like they were born. Still, the truth lies somewhere else, since most of us have managed to spot and conclude that the truth is hidden under the knife – under the nose intervention. Still, whether or not he has had rhinoplasty, one thing remains a fact – he looks so much better with his new appearance!

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