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The Impact of Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery

Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery

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Courtney Stodden became famous after marrying the actor Doug Hutchison when she was only 16 years old. People were even more shocked when they found out that the “Green Mile” actor was 50 years old when he decided to marry Courtney. Moreover, nobody believed in their love, especially because the couple didn’t seem very stable. It turns out that their marriage wasn’t meant to last, because they broke up after three years of living together. It seems that the Courtney Stodden plastic surgery speculations represented the reason why the actor decided to divorce his wife, and start a new life. However, Courtney didn’t understand his arguments, and she continued to have cosmetic surgery even after her divorce.

The teenager bride is known for trying anything she can to improve her aspect. She declared that after getting her breasts to a double D cup she felt more confident about herself, so she continued to make a lot of changes regarding her aspect. However, Courtney Stodden plastic surgery provoked many fights between her and her husband, which caused their divorce. Doug Hutchison declared that he didn’t like the artificial enhancements that she opted for, and she considered her breast implants to be too much. Moreover, he didn’t even like her hair extensions and she tried to stop her from doing anything else to her body.

Do men prefer natural beauty instead of artificial enhancements?

Although many women think that having a larger bust and more luscious lips will offer them better chances to find love, men seem to appreciate natural beauty instead of an artificial appearance. Yet, the aspiring actress didn’t listen to her husband’s advice and continued to use medical support in order to improve her aspect, as she appeared in a few photos showing signs that she had a lip procedure. Furthermore, the Courtney Stodden plastic surgery results didn’t impress Doug Hutchison, and due to the associated fights, the couple separated when Courtney was 19 years old.

Will the couple get back together?

Courtney and Doug appeared on “Couple’s Therapy” a few years ago, but according to one of the cast member’s sayings, their marriage was a sham. Moreover, a co-star declared that Courtney made advances to him, and she didn’t care that her husband was around when she tried to seduce him. So, it’s probably safe to assume that the actress is trying to experience as much as possible, which means that there aren’t any chances for her to get back with her ex-husband.

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