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The Heidi Fleiss Plastic Surgery Bad Results

Heidi Fleiss Plastic Surgery

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Although she got out from the spotlight a while ago, Heidi Fleiss is in the public’s attention again, only this time is because of the facial transformation that she suffered. Heidi became famous in 1997, when she was involved in a prostitution scandal that led to her incarceration. After getting out from jail, she surprised everyone with a very different aspect, which captured all the media’s interest. The Heidi Fleiss plastic surgery signs indicate that she opted for several surgical procedures that didn’t go as planned.

What made her decide for plastic interventions?

According to Heidi’s sayings, spending time in prison had a huge impact on her skin. Moreover, not being able to use skin care products can have many negative effects, especially since she had to spend time in the recreation yard while the sun was beating down on her. It seems that being exposed to these inconvenient conditions made her age prematurely, which is why she decided that she needed medical support to enhance her look.

Lip augmentation, browlift, blepharoplasty and cheek implants

Based on the Heidi Fleiss plastic surgery results, we can safely assume that her cosmetic procedures went wrong, because she actually looks older than she was before the surgeries. Critics claim that she looks weird and unnatural, and that all her facial features have been ruined due to her unfortunate attempts to achieve a more youthful appearance. Dr. Paul S. Nassif, who is a famous plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, said that her new aspect indicates that she used endoscopic browlift and blepharoplasty as a way to enhance her look, but he also claims that she had cheek implants. Apparently, the doctor that took care of Heidi is not very skilled when it comes to improving someone’s aspect, because Heidi’s cheeks are sagging, which makes her face look too long, while her lips have an imprecise contour, which makes her look very artificial.

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Rhinoplasty and Botox injections

The star was willing to discuss all the Heidi Fleiss plastic surgery rumors during one of her interviews, and she admitted that she opted for different procedures to eliminate aging signs and maintain a fresh look. However, based on many experts’ opinion her Rhinoplasty didn’t go well, which is something that we can notice in recent photos of her. Her nose looks twisted and crooked, and it doesn’t match the rest of her facial features. The only cosmetic enhancement that helped her improve her look is related to Botox, because Heidi doesn’t have any wrinkles on her forehead, which is something that most of the women of her age normally have.

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