Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

The Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery List

Remaining in the spotlight requires lots of effort, but sometimes people are willing to do everything in order to become famous and successful. Farrah Abraham is one of the persons who made herself known by using her body and her appearance. She first appeared on MTV’s reality series “16 and Pregnant”, when she was a pregnant teenager trying to figure out how she will manage after giving birth to her child. However, although her teen pregnancy led to her debut on reality shows, it was a controversial tape that helped her gain fame and recognition. Before the appearance of the footage, many Farrah Abraham plastic surgery speculations appeared. The TV personality admitted the fact that she went under the knife to achieve a better look, but what made her opt for such a radical change?

Breast Implants

Unlike other people who appear on TV, Farrah admitted that she used surgery as a way to boost her appearance. Moreover, she stated her love for these types of procedures, so we can only assume that the Farrah Abraham plastic surgery list will continue to grow. During one of her interviews, she declared that she had breast implants before she was 21 years old, because she wasn’t pleased with the way her chest area looked. Although you might think that her chest was affected by breastfeeding, that is not the reason why the celebrity opted for a surgical procedure. It appears that she only wanted a breast enlargement, because she thought that it would match better with the rest of her body. The operation that she took in 2011 cost her $ 5000, but she opted for another breast procedure in 2013, which cost her another $ 7000. Farah said that she wasn’t very happy about the way her first operation turned out, claiming that her former implant felt like water balloons. So, the second intervention made her feel more satisfied and more confident about herself, as she went from a C-cup to a D-cup.

Rhinoplasty and Chin Implants

Based on her sayings, Farrah had a Rhinoplasty at 21, and a chin implant at the same age. Her new facial features cost her $ 16,000, but since the teen mom declared that she was very happy with her new appearance, nothing else mattered. However, the TV star opted for the removal of her chin implants after one year from the operation, and according to her doctor’s sayings, she was influenced by her family members who continually told her that she looked very unnatural.

Lip injections

Among all the other surgeries that she had in 2013, Farrah also opted for lip injections, succeeding to completely ruin her fresh and natural aspect. The 22 year old definitely looked more beautiful before going under the knife, but since she decided to improve her image using this method, she now has to deal with the consequences. The saddest thing is that she looks much older and mature than she actually is.

What convinced Farrah Abraham to undergo cosmetic surgery?

There are several Farrah Abraham plastic surgery suppositions according to which the teen mom had a very low self-esteem, and that is what determined her to ask for a cosmetic surgeon’s services. Feeling good about yourself can have a huge impact on anyone’s life, as it is proven that people who are confident about themselves are more successful, and enjoy more advantages than those that are less enthusiastic and less optimistic. However, there are cases where people end up looking worse than they looked before having the operation, which can cause even more damage to their morale. So, based on the fact that Farrah stated in one of her interviews that she will continue having cosmetic interventions, she might have to deal with some bad results. After all, that is what happens to people who undergo plastic surgery. Farah claimed that she started to use surgery because she thought that it would help her with her modelling career. Apparently, that didn’t work out as planned, especially since she felt the need to release a controversial tape in order to gain more popularity and money.

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