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The Evolution of Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery

Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery

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People who have plastic surgeries usually don’t realize how serious the consequences of such interventions can be. In their perception, they believe that they don’t look good enough, so they turn to all sorts of tricks in order to improve their aspect. Usually, when it comes to hiding their age, or some of their flaws, celebrities don’t hesitate to ask for professional services. However, the results are awful in most of the cases, and to convince you, we will explain the evolution of Sophie Monk plastic surgery.

Everyone who sees the results of Sophie Monk plastic surgery thinks that she used to look so much better before. The truth is that she used to have some nice features, so she didn’t have any reasons to make a mess of her face. Overdoing plastic surgery got her into looking very unnatural, which is the worst thing that can happen to a young girl with a beautiful and fresh aspect. According to some rumors, the artist started to use plastic surgery after becoming famous in 2001. She was part of the pop group Bardot when she first decided to get a nose job and a lip augmentation.

Sophie Monk before and after the plastic surgery

Breast implants and Botox injections were also used to improve the singer’s appearance, but what she didn’t know was that she was going to regret the choices that she made over the years. Moreover, according to the artist’s sayings, she should never have trusted her doctor, because the interventions that she suffered have turned into a disaster as the years passed.

Before opting for plastic surgery, Sophie had very pretty features. However, she didn’t feel satisfied about the way she looked, so she tried to have more success in her career by injecting collagen and Botox in her face. According to her sayings, the stress of the business made her believe that she needs some adjustments in order to make it big in the US. Furthermore, she also had a breast enlargement, which she now regrets. Moreover, due to her stressful lifestyle, she had to struggle with maintaining a proper weight, which made her have a bad opinion about herself.

Sophie Monk plastic surgery had some bad side effects, as she had a cyst removed due to some complications that appeared on her lips. She lost half of her lip during the intervention, so doctors had to fill it in, and that is how the singer ended up looking like she does now. Although she regrets the choices that she made in her past, she accepts all her mistakes, and she claims that she will never opt for plastic surgery again.

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