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The Evolution of Cher Plastic Surgery

Cher Plastic Surgery

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Cher, who was born Cherilyn Sarkisian in 1946, California has admitted that she had cosmetic surgery many times in order to maintain a fresh aspect. The famous singer declared that she hates the fact that she is getting old, and and she also said that people who claim different are lying. Furthermore, the artist explained that her work doesn’t allow her to show off a tired look, and that is why she must do whatever she can so that she won’t disappoint her fans. But are the Cher plastic surgery results the one that she opted for?

The impact that Cher has on her admirers

The fact that Cher never denied her attempts of improving her look gave others the courage to use cosmetic surgery as a way to enhance their image. Moreover, the celebrity has many impersonators who are willing to get surgery in order to look like her, which means that they really love the way she looks. The artist managed to maintain a flawless aspect by asking for some of the best plastic surgeons’ services, so the Cher plastic surgery outcome reflects that she received the best medical support. Based on the fact that she is 68 years old, we can safely assume that she couldn’t have done anything else to get a better look.

Still, why did she need to use sticky tape during an important event?

Cher was spotted using Sellotape at the edge of her jawline while she was attending an important event. A while ago, surgical tape was used to pull sagging skin tight, but this method of showing off a young face has its risks. At the London premiere of her latest film, Cher allowed anyone to see that she was using this bad trick to improve her aspect, so the audience started to have doubts regarding her aspect. Still, although she might have a few wrinkles, people should continue to appreciate her for trying her best to look great.

What does the celebrity have to say about her plastic interventions?

The star declared in some of her interviews that she got breast implants because she didn’t like the way her chest area looked after giving birth to Chastity. Moreover, she said that her breast started to deflate, and that is when she decided that she had to do something about it. However, she said that the first intervention that she had was a nose job. She discovered that she needed a Rhinoplasty in a very funny way; after seeing herself on the big screen for the first time she thought that she was “all nose”, so she decided to eliminate that problem. Cher has also admitted that she used many other procedures to achieve a more youthful appearance. Facelifts, Botox injections, blepharoplasty, and brow lifts are just a few of the plastic interventions that she used to remove wrinkles and to reshape her facial features.

Which plastic surgery rumors are false?

The Cher plastic surgery speculations according to which the singer had cheek implants and a rib removed are not true. The artist declared that she was born with her cheekbones looking that way, and that she would never remove one of her ribs, especially since she believes that such a procedure is impossible.

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