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The Effects of Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery

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Anyone who grew up in the 90s remembers “Saved by the Bell”, one of the most amusing teenage sitcoms about a group of high school friends and their respective adventures. With all the show’s success however, there wasn’t much of a career left for any of the series’ members afterwards; sure, they all starred in some movies or other TV series, but never reached that Hollywood fame. One of the most loved characters of the show was that of Lisa Turtle, interpreted by actress Lark Voorhies; however, after the show, her public outings became rarer and rarer, until everyone seemed to forget about her. Yet recently, at one of the show’s public reunions, the beloved actress was spotted again, except the media’s reaction might not have been to her liking: everyone speculated about her having suffered plastic surgery.

Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Rumors or facts?

When it comes to Lark Voorhies plastic surgery, there are no certain facts: she has never admitted to actually undergoing any surgery, but her look is simply too changed to write it off as aging. Now in her 30s, Lark Voorhies should still look like a young, attractive African-American woman, but the pictures say otherwise. Indeed, you could blame it on her gaining a few extra pounds, and nobody expects you to look like a teenager your entire life. But perhaps this was the stem of Voorhies’ frustrations, which made her decide to go under the knife. When you’ve been a child star, you are used to a certain amount of attention; and when you’re being praised for your beauty and looks as well, you can become addicted to the popularity and suffer incredibly when it is no longer in your life.

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Lark Voorhies Plastic surgeries as a cure for depression?

One other reason for Lark Voorhies plastic surgery may have to do with some bouts of depression she reportedly suffered; in an interview given a few years ago, the star seemed distracted and unable to answer simple questions. Later on, her mother blamed it on depression and even mental illness, but again these facts were never confirmed. Thus, while we may not have anything reliable to base this theory on, everyone keeps sustaining that she simply looks too different not to have undergone some rejuvenating treatments.

In these photos, you can see the before and after effects of Lark Voorhies plastic surgery; it’s true that there are also some years different to consider when comparing them, but in the more recent photos, her skin looks tighter, eyelids fuller, and the skin is whiter in general. It may just be that Lark couldn’t afford the best of surgeons, so the results of her operation were not as expected. We don’t know what would be worse: that she looks like this because of plastic surgery, or that she looks like this due to illness and an unhealthy lifestyle. We can compare her to stars like Lindsay Lohan, whose beautiful visage was transformed by years of alcohol and drug abuse, and later on, by attempts at correction through surgery.

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