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The Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Suppositions

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery

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Cindy Crawford is famous for her natural beauty. This American model impressed everyone with a successful career and with her strong desire of maintaining her youth for as long as possible. Furthermore, according to the Forbes magazine, in 1995 she was the highest paid model in the world, and she was voted one of the 100 hottest women of all time. However, the model is known for her attraction for cosmetic enhancement, which leads to many Cindy Crawford plastic surgery speculations.

The supermodel’s beautiful features have helped her get many roles in films and television, which contributed to her becoming an international superstar. But which is the secret that helped Cindy Crawford achieve all her goals? According to the Cindy Crawford plastic surgery speculations, the supermodel used some questionable methods in order to maintain her fresh aspect.

Cindy Crawford- before and after her plastic interventions

Although Cindy Crawford admitted that she used vitamin injections, Botox and collagen as a way to improve her appearance, she never said anything about her cheekbones being adjusted. Still, many specialists have discovered some differences between the way she looked in older photos and the way that she looks now.

In one of her interviews, the American model revealed the fact that she started to use beauty tricks since she was 29 years old. Counting on her sayings, she has been using a cosmetic surgeon’s services
for the past 11 years. Moreover, she explains that fact that after a certain age, creams can only improve skin texture, while Botox and vitamin injections can really restore the elasticity of skin. However, she never mentioned anything about her cheekbones being done.

Usually, young people have high and defined cheekbones, but once the face ages, cheekbones lose their shape and what specialists call “the triangle of youth” disappears. The triangle of youth is the area that can be traced from one side of the cheek, to the other cheek, and to the chin zone. Most of the celebrities turn to Sculptra and Radiesse injections in order to maintain this area, and it seems that Cindy opted for this type of procedure to improve her aspect, as well. That might be one of the reasons why her cheeks appear to a be a lot higher and fuller. So, the Cindy Crawford plastic surgery speculations might be true after all.

Still, the famous supermodel didn’t confirm these rumors as she claims that the secret of her good looks is the fact that she has a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore she explains how opting for intense workouts and healthy food has helped her to prevent aging signs from appearing.

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