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The Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Signs

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

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Christie Brinkley is a beauty queen who continues to impress with her everlasting beauty. Despite the fact that she is 60 years old, she maintains a gorgeous aspect that many younger women would do anything to have. Christie worked in the fashion industry, but she is also known as an activist for human and animal rights, and as a talented photographer and actress. Giving the fact that she is always in the spotlight, people have started to wonder what is the secret that she uses to maintain her youth, and that is how all the Christie Brinkley plastic surgery rumors appeared. When someone who is 60 years old is amazingly gorgeous, it is normal for certain speculations to appear, but are any of these rumors true?

What does Christie have to say about her cosmetic procedures speculations?

Allure, Playboy and Men’s Health named Christie one of the most beautiful women of all time, and she won many beauty awards during her lifetime. However, plastic surgeons claim that her youthful features can’t be the result of anti-aging creams, and they claim that there are signs that she experienced facial operations in order to achieve her fresh aspect. However, the celebrity denied all these suppositions, as she said that she never went under the knife to enhance her image. When several media outlets asked her how she manages to look so young even at the age of 60, she said that healthy vegetarian food and strict workouts are the key to a beautiful body. Furthermore, she explained that she uses special facials to prevent the appearances of aging signs, as she is aware that after a certain age it is more difficult to keep the skin well hydrated and healthy. She is also a fan of Yoga and intensive exercising programs.

Botox injections and face fillers

According to some Christie Brinkley plastic surgery speculations, the star might be undergoing Botox injections, and she might use face fillers like Restylane and Juvederm to maintain her great looks. Furthermore, there are people who think that she use face lifts as a way to improve her appearances, because they believe that it is impossible to have such a tight skin at her age without medical support. What really impresses is the fact that her skin looks more shiny and fresh than ever, so we can safely assume that she takes great care of her body. When people are young, they don’t try too hard to take care of their skin, because they don’t see that as being necessary, but when they start getting older and the first aging signs show up, they turn to special methods to maintain a nice aspect. So, maybe that is why Christie’s skin looks more healthy now than it did before.


The Christie Brinkley plastic surgery signs can be easily seen after comparing pictures from the beginning of her career with her newest photos. Experts have noticed several changes in her outlooks, but the detail that most indicates that she went under the knife is the distinctive change in her nose. Based on the declarations made by some of the persons who are constantly around her, Christie and her daughter Alexa both had a nose job. Although Christie said that she visited the plastic surgeon only to support Alexa, many media outlets came to the conclusion that she also got a nose job. However, other sources claim that she opted for a face-lift on the day following her daughter’s Rhinoplasty. So, as long as she won’t admit that she went under the knife, people will never know for sure what type of cosmetic surgery she used. The only thing that is known for sure is that the celebrity paid a total amount of $60,000.

The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

There are cases where good genes can help you maintain a youthful appearance even when you are not that young anymore. According to Christie Brinkley’s sayings, her regular exercising routines and the healthy diet that she keeps have worked miracles for her body. She doesn’t have obvious wrinkles on her forehead, or around her eyes, which is something that women of her age would normally have, and she also feels very energetic and positive. The fact that Christie works out every day and that she adopted a healthy lifestyle might be the key to her success. Moreover, she said that people should focus more on their attitude, because that plays a big role in how you feel. In other words, she said that we shouldn’t allow age to define who we are, which is one of the best advice for staying young and powerful.

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