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The Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Speculations

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

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Unfortunately, natural beauty is not appreciated anymore, as more and more people opt for plastic interventions in order to correct certain parts of their body that they are not very pleased about. Cosmetic surgery is very popular these days, especially among Hollywood celebrities who would do anything to remain in the spotlight. There are some rumors according to which the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses also asked for medical support in order to enhance his aspect, but the artist never commented on this topic. The Axl Rose plastic surgery speculations imply that, after disappearing for a while from the spotlight, the artist showed off a completely different look from the one that his fans were used to.

Were Botox injections necessary?

Axl Rose’s huge success in music gained him lots of fans who followed him everywhere, and maybe that is why he felt the need to meet his audience’s expectations by opting for a plastic surgeon’s services. Famous people try their best not to disappoint their public, and that is why they always make sure that each one of their appearances is flawless. However, as the years go by, aging signs start to show off, and that is what determines most of the celebrities to use cosmetic enhancements. Based on the Axl Rose plastic surgery rumors, the star feared that he might lose his fans’ appreciation, so he started to use Botox injections to prevent that from happening. Considering the fact that he doesn’t have any wrinkles, nor sagging skin around his eyes, we can safely assume that he managed to achieve a smooth face by undergoing Botox interventions.

Facial fillers

The Axl Rose plastic surgery suppositions were denied by one of the singer’s friends, who said that Axl is lucky to have good genes, and that his fresh appearance is not the result of cosmetic surgery. Still, although the artist was worshiped by people all over the world, he recently became the victim of disapproval and criticism from those who think that the outcome of his plastic intervention is horrible. Experts believe that he had facial fillers in order to delay the natural aging process, but they claim that the doctors who took care of him were unskilled, because the procedure went wrong. It is a known fact that facial fillers that are mixed in the wrong proportions can cause some serious problems, so those who are thinking of using this method to improve their aspect should make many tests before having the procedure.


It seems that Axl Rose was never satisfied with the way his nose looked, and that is why he decided to have a Rhinoplasty. According to his sayings, his nose didn’t match his other facial features, so he opted for a plastic surgery that would help him achieve a better look. Analyzing his latest appearances, we can see that his nose is sharper and narrower than before, so we can assume that the celebrity is more satisfied with the way he looks now.

Facelift, chemical peel and cheek implant

Although Axl never admitted these rumors, there are people who claim that he suffered multiple transformations after he disappeared from the spotlight. One of the editors of “People” magazine said that the star looks like he received a chemical peel and cheek implants, and that his entire face looks frozen. However, the artist has the same cheerful expression that we were used to see on his face, so it seems that he is not bothered by all these accusations.

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