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selena gomez boob job Young celebrities, these days have access to pretty much everything good that life has to offer. Unfortunately, it also means they can make bad decisions because of such unchecked freedom. Fans of singer-actress Selena Gomez are wondering if this is the case for the popular Disney Channel darling. Rumors about the Selena Gomez boob job are spreading like wildfire as photos of the young actress clad in bikini go viral online. Her chest is considerably larger compared to its size about a couple of years ago. While some are convinced that Gomez is simply a late bloomer as far as physical development, others are sure that she got breast implants to have a more ample chest.

Selena Gomez Boob Job Before & After

At 21, the late bloomer theory is not as plausible as breast augmentation, since 90% of women do come in their womanly shape before they hit 18. It is more conceivable that Gomez decided to get cosmetic enhancement in order to obtain the Hollywood standard of beauty. Admittedly, however, the change suits her well, especially when she attends Red Carpet events and is dressed for the occasion. Her figure is now more pronounced and definitely more attractive compared to her girly features a few years back. Whether this is the only procedure she had done (or will do), no one knows for sure.

Fans of the young actress cannot be happier that she is maturing and coming into her own self image. Whether this is a sign of her advancing to more mature or daring roles in movies or on TV, people just have to wait and see. Selena Gomez is a natural beauty and it would be a shame if she goes overboard with plastic surgery, especially when it is not needed. Breast implants are one thing, but changing one’s face or body completely is not within the range of what is normal or smart in any context.

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