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sandra bullock nose job The question lingering about Sandra Bullock is has she had plastic surgery? Well the opinions leap and bound over this because she recently broke up with Ryan Gosling and her nose is significantly smaller in pictures of late.

In a 1999 People Magazine interview Sandra spoke candidly dispelling rumors that she had plastic surgery done on her nose. The Fact is though, this was years ago and of late experts are saying she has a good surgeon but that her face might be too tight for natural skin. If you look through a spread of pictures you can see that her nose has obviously changed through the last two years. The synopsis through many people is that she has had botox injections, a nose job and a face lift.

Stars often opt for this to keep the fountain of youth flowing and we might be seeing this even in a down to earth star like Sandra Bullock. Youth doesn’t stay forever but these procedures help for a little while. The conclusion is that yes she has had work done because her nose is significantly smaller in pictures throughout the last two years.

Getting older is not easy for some in the limelight but hopefully Sandra Bullock will stop the clock in other ways. Several experts say that this work was too tight and might have consequences because the skin will rebound as it always does and it might make her look older in the process.

She appears to have no wrinkles for someone in their forties and this is suspicious. As for the nose job? Your nose doesn’t shrink with age at least not this much and with a contoured shape. Hopefully she will stop before the roller coaster begins to keep a tight hold on her youthful appearance.

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