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ryan gosling nose job Did the sexy star of The Notebook, Drive, and Crazy Stupid Love have plastic surgery to change the appearance of his nose? Although he’s never commented on it publicly, fashion blogger Michelle Villett of the site recently made the case that the Hollywood heartthrob went under the knife at some point early in his career.

Her detailed accusatory write-up, which includes several alleged before and after pics, has gone viral.  While many of the star’s dedicated fans are staunchly opposed to the suggestion that their idol wasn’t born with his current, much-admired face, others think Ms. Villett may be onto something.

If Gosling did, in fact, get a nose job, it was definitely a subtle fine-tuning rather than a dramatic reshaping. The fact that many people can’t seem to decide whether he did or didn’t clearly demonstrates that any changes to his million dollar mug have been decidedly minimal.

The photos displayed in Ms. Villett’s article do seem to show some real differences between Gosling’s nose when he was a fresh-faced teen and how it looks today. In his 30s, the bridge of his nose seems straighter, his nostrils more delicate, and the tip of his nose a bit less pronounced. Could this all just be the result of lighting, camera angles, facial expressions, and cherry-picked photos?

At least one reputable plastic surgeon, though, finds Ms. Villett’s argument convincing. “Although subtle, in my opinion, it’s clear from these images that there have been number of changes made to Ryan’s nose,” stated UK-based plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, MD.

His nose at the beginning of his career is significantly wider at the bridge and has a prominent hump. Fast forward ten years and both of these features appear altered.

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