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rihanna plastic surgery Rihanna is a sassy successful R&B singer. The international pop star is known for her hit songs such as Umbrella and Disturbia. The beautiful lass has also gone ahead to receive multiple awards, including Grammys and Billboard awards. Just like most celebrities in Hollywood, Rihanna has gone under the knife to enhance her looks. Although she has never publicly admitted to having undergone any surgery, experts in the field claim she has done some tweaking.

Rihanna seems to acknowledge the fact plastic surgeries can be disastrous; her nose job is barely noticeable. She also doesn’t spot any other surgery on her face. We give props to the plastic surgeon for such a meticulous job. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Jeniffer Walden gave her insights on Rihanna’s nose job. She explains Rihanna probably had a nasal reshaping or a rhinoplasty. According to medics, a rhinoplasty surgery seeks to reconstruct and aesthetically enhance the nose.

rihanna plastic surgery befroe and after

Rihanna’s new nose looks less triangular and more linear. The tip of her nose also appears to be narrower and with an upward tilt. The US Life & style Magazine confirms Dr. Rawnsley & Dr. Michael Fiorillo as the surgeons behind the successful nose job.Other plastic surgeons also back up the fact it was a job well done that gave Rihanna a more refined look. The blogosphere has even renamed the surgery a “Rihannaplasty”.

It’s also claimed that Rihanna has undergone a boob job. Probably because her breast seems to be more voluptuous and fuller.This is yet to be confirmed by Rihanna. Plastic surgeons claim there is little possibility of Rihanna having undergone a boob job. Nevertheless, Rihanna says she considers getting a boob job when her breasts get saggy. That will be in many years to come; the starlet is always out to keep herself looking gorgeous and fit. Here is a picture of her before and after boob job.

Perhaps this might not be the last of Rihanna plastic surgery. Rumors claim that Rihanna will be going through another surgery to reduce the size of her forehead. People have constantly joked about Rihanna’s forehead with some saying it inspired the song “Shine bright like a diamond”. Rihanna’s forehead also has its own Facebook page and twitter handle. Ms. Rihanna has previously admitted that she would love to remain as natural as possible. Only time will tell how many more surgeries the young beauty will undergo.

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