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patrick dempsey nose job Patrick Dempsey, better known by his TV moniker Dr. McDreamy, is perhaps one of the most good looking actors today, so it is natural for people to wonder whether he had the help of real-life surgeons. Stories about the Patrick Dempsey nose job has been hot around the rumor mill, especially as he gains more recognition in Hollywood as the hottest TV doctor (some would argue even hotter than George Clooney).

Patrick Dempsey Nose Job Before & After

This time, rumors are based on facts since Dempsey really did rhinoplasty to taper off his nose and make it more camera friendly. Happily, this decision paved the way for him to break through the tough doors in Hollywood. Now, he is among the top-paid male celebrities on TV, along with Hugh Laurie and Ashton Kutcher to name a few.

Based on the photos taken by Patrick during his teenage years, the transformation of his nose is nothing short of staggering. While the actor never discussed the topic at length, it was never a secret that he underwent surgery for the purpose of getting more acting opportunities. Hollywood is known to many aspiring actors as a place where fame is fleeting and good looks matter greatly. It seems that Dr. McDreamy made the right choice all those years ago. Some would say that his nose job made his career what it is today.

Unlike many plastic surgery stories in Hollywood, Patrick Demsey’s nose job is a tale of inspiration rather than a tragedy. While everyone now knows that he had help getting part of his good looks, it cannot be denied that Patrick is naturally charismatic and that his acting talents are admirable indeed. Fans of this TV doctor can expect him to grace their TV sets much longer, if not on Grey’s Anatomy then definitely on some other show.

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