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Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery

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Although most of the plastic surgeries have some bad consequences, there are cases where people can actually improve their aspect by using these modern methods of correcting some physical flaws. The reasons why people opt for a plastic surgeon’s services are various. Some of them include low self-esteem, while others imply getting influenced by celebrity trends. The success of Park Min Young plastic surgery inspired many people to adjust the way they look by trying to apply the same procedure in order to obtain the best results. However, these types of interventions should take place only when it’s absolutely necessary.

The road to fame

Park Min Young is a famous Korean actress who admitted the fact that she had two plastic surgeries on her face. The reason why she turned to this measure was revealed during one of her interviews. According to the artist, she had the first surgery to improve the way that she looked.

The double eyelid surgery and the nose intervention

The first Park Min Young plastic surgery had the role to enhance her appearance. While other celebrities hide the fact that they suffered plastic interventions, this actress admits that she had an eyelid surgery in junior high school. Her mother allowed her to opt for this modern method of enhancing someone’s features because she considered that it will help her look prettier.

Although the idea might seem a little shallow, we must consider the fact that it is important for someone to look good in order to have success in a movie career. Furthermore, Park Min Young became a famous actress thanks to the roles that she had in the television drama “Sunkyunkwan Scandal”, and her look might have contributed to her success. She received various awards, and she also works as a model for several companies. Unlike the Lee Min Ho plastic surgery, the surgery suffered by Park Min occurred before the young North Korean star reached fame. We might say, that in a certain way, the surgery helped her build her career and it was not a fame whim as it was for Lee Min Ho.

From shy girl to TV diva

She had her second surgery also when she was in junior high school. Her nose was crocked due to an accident, so she had to restore her beauty by turning to a specialist’s services. Park Min Young plastic surgery helped her look like a goddess in the eyes of her audience, but she went through some difficult times after pictures during her childhood were revealed. However, the actress seems to appreciate natural beauty, as well, since she doesn’t wear any makeup when she is off camera. She tries to maintain herself in a good shape by practicing pilates, which means that she believes in a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we can say that she is different from all the Hollywood celebrities who choose to starve themselves in order to maintain a proper weight.

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