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park bom plastic surgery This is less a question of whether Park Bomhas had plastic surgery, but more a question of when will she stop? Enough is enough. And the tragedy is that she is barely more than two decades old. Bom, of 2NE1 fame, has had a laundry list of procedures done, beginning with double eyelid surgery (yes we said double. Why didn’t she proudly display her Asian heritage rather than try to mask it? Park, we thought you were beautiful and haven’t you heard, cat eyes are definitely the “in” thing- people pay lots of money to have their eyes made up the way yours were, and you were gifted it naturally.)

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before & After

Additionally, this young, beautiful and talented actress appears to have had two nose jobs performed. (Again, why change what you were naturally born with to fit into a stereotypical mold that has a short shelf life that shatters eventually anyway).  To add insult to injury (and let’s hope the surgeons she used were good ones to avoid any real injury beyond her self-esteem) the star appears to have had facial contouring, facial reshaping, laser treatments, fillers and injectables, lip fillers and breast augmentation. This is not a case of enhancing her youth, she’s already young. This is an addiction to plastic surgery, fueled by low self-esteem and self-confidence. Representatives for Park claim she states that she underwent at least some of these procedures for an undisclosed “illness” however we believe the illness stems more from an emotional state than a physical impairment of some sort. Park’s face has completely changed in dimension and symmetry when you compare her before and after photos. For such a young girl, she looks very plastic.

An Alarming Message to Millions

Alarming also, is the message this lovely young lady is sending to her fans, who look to her as a mentor and to emulate her.  This is the reason why young girls, barely into their teen years, are begging their parents to give them plastic surgery for their birthdays. Breast implants, lip fillers, Botox, all to look like “the stars they see on TV” because they feel this is a glamorous way to live.  The message Park should be sending is to live life to the fullest when you’re young, appreciate what you’ve got and make the most of what you have and live for today. Instead, she is conveying to millions of young girls the opposite.

Changing Vs. Enhancing

What she also doesn’t realize are the ramifications and possible long term health problems that can arise from going under the knife so often. The last person we can remember who was this obsessed with changing their look (note we said change, not enhance, there’s a difference) was Michael Jackson, and we all know what a tragedy that turned out to be. Park should take pride in her heritage and enjoy her youth. She has plenty of time to grow up.

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