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This former Disney child star has come into her own over the last decade and she has certainly made an even bigger name for herself as a pop star. This level of success, however, is not without its price, especially when it comes to rumors about her appearance. Miley Cyrus nose job has been the topic of conversation in many fan forums as well as gossip magazines, but it has yet to be confirmed. The pop star has earlier admitted to getting breast implants in order to have more curves, which she believes will make people take her more seriously as a performer.

Miley Cyrus Nose Job Before & After

Miley has always been a sweetheart, especially for her fans who are mostly kids and teenagers. However, recent rumors about her foray into cosmetic surgery has become a point of concern not only for her fans but also her close friends and family. Her rumored rhinoplasty is said to be quite unnecessary since there was nothing wrong with her original nose. These days, her nose is looking a lot narrower and smaller based on recent photos of her at concerts and other public appearances.

Many are wondering whether Miley’s plastic surgeries (breast implants and nose job) are a reaction to her recent break-up with Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth, who is now dating another lass. The pop star refused to comment on this allegation and instead chose to concentrate on her ever evolving public image, starting with more risque outfits and daring performances on stage.

Whether this marks the beginning or Miley Cyrus‘ radical transformation (physically and emotionally), only the singer can know for sure. In any case, her fan base does not appear to be dwindling. If anything, her reinvented image has attracted a new set of admirers who previously wrote her off as just another teenybopper who happens to have a good voice and more or less decent acting skills.

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