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Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Results

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

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Mickey Rourke used to be one of the most handsome actors back in 1980s. However, his luck changed when his acting career started to fizzle, and he decided to direct his attention towards boxing. It appears that he became a professional boxer in 1991, but that didn’t help him very much because all those years of boxing ruined his good looks, which lead to some bad Mickey Rourke plastic surgery results. Boxing is one of the activities that can have a very bad impact on someone’s appearance. Furthermore, those who practice this sport end up having a distorted aspect, which is why some of the former boxers try to fix the way their face looks by using plastic surgery. That is what Mickey decided to do after quitting boxing.

The story of Mickey Rourke’s bad cosmetic procedures

Based on the Mickey Rourke plastic surgery results we can see that his facial appearance wasn’t improved at all after going under the knife. On the contrary, the actor struggled with a tough recovery, and had to deal with some distorted facial features that didn’t seem to get any better. After suffering from many injuries and after his doctor advised him to drop boxing, Mickey decided to continue his acting career. However, he wasn’t very pleased with his aspect, and as we all know a nice appearance can mean a great deal in the movie industry. So, the former boxer decided to repair the damage that his face suffered by using plastic interventions.

What went wrong?

While trying to restore his once-gorgeous looks, Mickey opted for several cosmetic procedures, which was the worst choice that he ever made. It appears that his plastic surgeon was very unskilled and inexperienced, because the results of the operation were really bad. Furthermore, instead of achieving a better aspect, the star ended up looking worse, as he had a swollen face and very unnatural eyes. According to some Mickey Rourke plastic surgery rumors, the celebrity had to give up boxing after he was advised to do so due to some neurological problems. But everything changed because he had five surgeries to reshape his nose which has been broken a couple of times, and one surgery to rebuild his cheekbone, which was also smashed during one of his games. The bad cosmetic surgery that he suffered made him realize that he should have asked more questions to his plastic surgeons before deciding to go under the knife.

How did the actor handle all these problems?

Although he was upset by the way his plastic interventions turned out, Mickey Rourke once said that he was more affected by a specific operation that involved taking cartilage from his ear to fix his nose. This procedure implied having other two interventions that had the role to help the scar tissue to heal properly. So, people should understand that is not always a fact that a cosmetic procedure will turn out great, because there are many factors that can influence the healing process and the final results. After all, we can never know how our body can react to cosmetic enhancements, so it’s for the best to try to avoid these sort of complications.

Did Mickey recover from his bad condition?

The 62 year old admitted that he went to the wrong person to put his face back together, but he didn’t give up on trying to improve his aspect. Analyzing the way he looks these days, we can observe that the actor lost weight, and that he is in a better shape than ever. His facial features appear to be more refined, and his operation signs are no longer visible.

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