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michelle pfeiffer nose job Michelle Pfeiffer first gained notoriety on our screens for her role in Scarface; back then just a fresh faced Hollywood hopeful looking to pave her way to success. Since then the actress has won various accolades and awards.

With time eventually catching up with all of us, Pfeiffer who is now 55 has certainly managed to avoid the aging process more than most. Michelle has always been noted for her stunning beauty and unlike many celebrities; she has always expressed that there is no problem with having surgical enhancement.

If I thought it would look better, I would [have plastic surgery] she confessed to “I’m all about, ‘Do it so you can’t tell it’s been done. ‘You know what? I’m good with that, but I think people just want more and more until eventually that strange body dysmorphia happens.

That begs the question, is Mrs Pfeiffer’s surgery and enhancement noticeable? Or is it subtle just as she preaches cosmetic surgery should be?  From the plumped up lips compared to previous years to the obvious rhinoplasty; there are clearly other major facial changes in the Hollywood hottie.

The nose job has been enhanced very subtly, with minor thinning of her nose bridge. Although these changes are clear in pictures and her openness about the subject; the star refuses to admit undergoing plastic surgery or her nose.

It appears many stars will never admit to these aspects despite all the evidence proving so; at 55 Michelle Pfeiffer still looks amazing and with all of that money and pressure to look good all the time for the cameras, who are we to judge?

Whether the tinsel town thespian admits to all of the above or not; one thing is for sure that she will continue to be admired in the public eye for a long time to come.

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