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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery – The Best Example of Poor Choices

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

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Meg Ryan is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood, and the kind of success that she achieved at the top of her career will be difficult to equal by other aspiring stars. Furthermore, Meg was always appreciated for her natural beauty, as the “People Magazine” placed her among the most beautiful people in the world, helping her the gain even more fame and celebrity. Still, when you have so many fans admiring your for your talent and for your gorgeous appearance, the pressure is very high, especially when the natural process of aging shows its first signs. Raising to their audience’s expectations is what determines celebrities to undergo plastic surgery, and that might be the reason why Meg Ryan decided to opt for a plastic transformation. Still, the Meg Ryan plastic surgery results turned out to be awful, because the actress looks now very artificial and unnatural, which might affect her Hollywood career in a negative way.

Meg Ryan’s sparkling career

Meg Ryan’s big breakthrough started when she received the leading female role in “When Harry Met Sally”, a movie where she made herself remarked thanks to her naturalness and fresh performance. Her acting skills brought her lots of acknowledgement, and she even received an honorific title when she was named the “soul of romantic comedy” by a Times critic. Furthermore, Meg started to receive roles in many appreciated films, including Sleepless in Seattle, Kate & Leopold and French kiss, and her movies have raised more than $870 million worldwide. The star has also earned the “Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year” award in 1994, which is an impressive title offered annually by the Harvard University. Since Meg’s huge talent and her beautiful features have helped her earn impressive accolades, is age to blame for her poor choices when it comes to cosmetic interventions? Here are the most popular Meg Ryan plastic surgery rumors.

Lip augmentation

The most obvious sign which indicates that the actress chose to go under the knife to improve her aspect can be seen in her lips. Meg’s lips appear to be swollen, and many critics were bold enough to compare her smile with the smile of the Joker, the character from the Batman series. According to experts, the celebrity could have opted for many types of interventions in order to enlarge her lips, and some of them include fat injections, collagen and Restylane. Furthermore, specialists claim that she may have used a procedure that is known as the Gore-Tex technique, which involves using a special intervention to enhance lip muscles.


One thing that people have noticed about the 53-year old star is that her decisions to go under the knife have ruined the impeccable aspect that she has been blessed with. Based on many Meg Ryan plastic surgery suppositions, the celebrity’s forehead is the result of a Botox intervention, while her cheeks appear to be more pronounced than usual. Plastic surgeons believe that Meg has used a volumetric facelift which is an intervention that can modify facial features by using a fat grafting procedure. Giving that she doesn’t have any signs of sagging skin, the actress is also suspected of using a neck-lift intervention as a way to maintain a fresh aspect.

Eye Lift

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that has the role to reduce the extra skin that forms on the lower eyelids with age, and to remove baggy skin from the upper eyelids. Despite her age, Meg Ryan doesn’t show any bagginess around her eyes, which might indicate that she opted for stretching back her eyes. Furthermore, the fact that her eyes are constantly pulled up has affected Meg’s brows, too, making her look like she is always surprised. So, the only thing that the actress succeeded to do with her attempts of making herself look younger was to obtain a frozen effect that impacts her overall aspect in a negative way. Hopefully, she will stop from using cosmetic surgery as a way to improve her aspect, because until this moment, the only thing that she achieved is the opposite of what she wanted.

Breast implants

Comparing the way she looks in older photos with the way she looks now, we can see a slight difference in Meg’s chest area. Furthermore, the celebrity seems more willing to expose her upper body part now than she was before, which might indicate that she is more confident in the way she looks now than she was before. Still, Meg never admitted that she asked for a plastic surgeon’s services to enhance her facial features, and she doesn’t seem to be unhappy with the results of her surgeries. Although she went through many transformations, there are many people who love her for what she achieved during her career, and that is what matters the most for an actress.

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