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Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

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Considering the harsh competition that exists among Hollywood stars, celebrities who have passed a certain age feel threatened by rising actresses who look fresh and ready to conquer the world. That is why they turn to every trick they can to hide their real age, including cosmetic surgery. Marlo Thomas is a very popular actress who started her career in 1966. The 77-year-old has won many awards and distinctions for her work in television, and she impressed everyone with her natural talent and beauty. However, analyzing the Marlo Thomas plastic surgery before and after images, we can see that the actress doesn’t want to get out of the spotlight, as she continues to take care of her aspect using any method she can.

Being in the public eye

Celebrities must constantly rise to their fans’ expectations and prove that they can still surprise those who support them, no matter how old they are. Although controlling every gesture while you are in public seems like an impossible chore, famous people have to pay attention to all these details so that they can still enjoy the sympathy of their audience. Furthermore, they can’t afford to look bad, because they fear that they will be replaced by younger faces who are both talented and beautiful. So, they turn to different methods of enhancement, and they try their best not to disappoint their public. If we analyze some Marlo Thomas plastic surgery before and after images, we can notice that the actress doesn’t look like other people of their age would normally do. Therefore, we can associate her lack of aging signs with professional cosmetic procedures and other artificial enhancements.

Which are the cosmetic procedures that helped Marlo look the way she does?

In order to maintain the look that made her so popular among people all over the world, Marlo opted for a series of plastic interventions. However, the famous actress never admitted that she went under the knife, which means that she tries to maintain appearances and make anyone believe that she has really good genes. What most of the people don’t know is that the star had her first plastic intervention before the getting movie role that made her famous. She started with a nose procedure for which she was very criticized. Specialists claimed that she made her nose look too thin and that she should have opted for a soft look instead of a dramatic change.

However, the actress remained confident and considering some Marlo Thomas plastic surgery before and after photos we can notice that she also got a breast augmentation and Botox injections to make her skin look flawless. Moreover, according to some rumors, she also has face lifts, brow lifts and facial fillers.

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