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Madonna Plastic Surgery Before and After

Madonna Plastic Surgery

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It is very common in Hollywood to hear about stars who have called for the help of plastic surgeons to correct their flaws, enhance their features or keep a young and fresh aspect of their face and body. Madonna is no exception if we look at her forever young face and toned body. Since no one is immortal nor has discovered the fountain of youth, we tend to believe that the Madonna plastic surgery rumors are true and that she has done more than one improvement on her look.

Madonna has a healthy lifestyle but is that her secret?

The 56-year-old singer has always been preoccupied with her aspect and did everything she could do to look younger than she really is, by regularly exercising and keeping diets. She got used to eating a lot of grains and organics food that help her maintain in shape and have a nice skin. She credited her belief, Kabbalah, to be the only thing that keeps her body looking so smooth and young. But can really a religion or a diet keep your skin wrinkle-free in your fifties? We didn’t think so either.

Botox injections

Although she never admitted having any type of plastic surgery, Madonna looks surreal young at her age. At a closer look, you can see that the Madonna plastic surgery signs are crystal clear and that she has had several Botox injections on her face. Her forehead and eyes have no wrinkles and frowns and her skin in very shiny, due to many injections in her face, which have destroyed her flexibility and elasticity.

Eyelid surgery

Experts say that she even had an eyelid surgery that lifted her eyelids and made her eyes more expressive, all these for the sake of a younger and fresher look.
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Nose job

Another look improvement she made is a rhinoplasty, or a nose job to correct the shape of her nose. If you analyze the before and after pictures, you will see that the shape of her nose is significantly different than in her early ages, with a more narrow and sharp tip and smaller nostrils.

Cheek surgery

The Madonna plastic surgery rumors say that the singer who is obsessed with looking young has even undergone a cheek surgery which brought her puffy and defined cheeks bones. She is believed to have used some cosmetic fillers like Juvederm to lift the area of her cheeks and make her face look sharper.

Lip surgery

To continue the Madonna plastic surgery list, rumors say that she had a lip surgery that was meant to reshape her lips into a much fuller shape.

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