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lesley stahl plastic surgery Lesley Stahl who has been co-anchoring the show 60 Minutes since 1991, is one television journalist that provides plenty of fodder for her own plastic surgery speculation. This talented woman has had a pretty amazing career in the news, but did you know she is 72 years old?  I’m willing to bet that comes as a shocker, especially given the fact that she does not look much older than 45 or 50. Since none of us have heard that Ms. Stahl has discovered the fountain of youth, her appearance leaves little question that she has gone under the knife.

The Stahl before and after photos give plenty of evidence of her plastic surgery choices. Most of the surgery rumors are centered around a facelift and possible Botox injections, which given her incredibly youthful appearance, seem to be quite true.

lesley stahl Facelift

Lesley’s face appears surprisingly smooth and taut for a woman of her maturity, which is a clear indication of her having a facelift. Most grandmothers in their 70s have plenty of lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, but this is just not true for Lesley. Instead, when you compare her current appearance with photos from the 80s, the only sign that she is truly considerably older is her neck. However, even this does not seem nearly as wrinkled and sagging as most grandmothers I know!

lesley stahl Botox

Other surgery rumors include Botox injections, and again, her photos leave little room for doubt on this possibility as well. This lovely woman has very few noticeable crow’s feet, or sagging skin around her eyes. Both of these are clear indications that Ms. Stahl is also a fan of the needle in an effort to continue looking young.

Even though there is no confirmation about the Lesley Stahl surgery rumors from the accomplished journalist herself, the evidence is just too strong to deny.  Her youthful appearance at 72 is something that all women hope will happen with them as they age, but the reality is, life leaves its mark, but it has obviously been erased in Lesley’s case.

The good news is, unlike some celebrities who end up with horrifying results after surgery, Lesley’s appearance proves she has a great surgeon – she looks amazing!  Television is an unforgiving role for older ladies, but she has managed to stay youthful.

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