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Latest Kendall Jenner’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kendall Jenner’s Plastic Surgery

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Kendall Jenner is a famous teen model who has recently started appearing on various TV shows while also hosting worldly teen events. Despite the fact that she is only 19 years old, Kendall has already built up a promising career. She has been on the cover of numerous renowned magazines such as Teen Vogue or Seventeen. Furthermore, she recently started infiltrating the fashion industry, her worthiest work being the clothing line, which she designs with her sister. For most teenage girls, the biggest struggle is building up their self esteem, but Kendall also seems to find time for her career. However, after seeing Kendall Jenner’s plastic surgery before and after photos, we can’t help but wonder if the pressure of a public life and a busy scheduled has finally gotten to her. Not only does she look very mature for her age, but Kendall also seems to have had some surgical work done in order to enhance her natural beauty. It seems that the young model is tired of always staying in the shadow of her older sister and she is eager to prove to the world that she is already a woman.

Kendall Jenner’s plastic surgery

Kendall Jenner’s is a rising teen celebrity, who might in a few years be as famous as Kim Kardashian. In fact Kim, is a role model for many young girls. This is an alarming fact if we consider the Kim Kardashian plastic surgery controversies, as the last thing we need is for young girls to dream about plastic surgeries.  If we take a look at some recent photos of Kendal and we compare them with older pictures, we can clearly see that her image has changed greatly in the last couple of years. These pictures are the source of all the plastic surgery rumors which seem to be affecting Kendall. While we are aware of the fact that Kendall is still going through puberty, we are fairly certain that puberty does not make someone’s nose smaller not the lips bigger. Some claim that the illusion of a slimmer nose is merely the result of professional makeup, the same cannot be said about her lips which are significantly fuller. It is a shame that a teenager as beautiful as Kendall feels the need to turn to plastic surgery in order to enhance her appearance.

Kendall Jenner’s plastic surgery statements

According to her own statements, Kendall is insulted by the plastic surgery rumors and she states that she is indeed too young for such endeavors. Her close friends and family have also defended her and say that these rumors are merely the work of scandal seekers full of envy. Far be it from us to contest Kendall’s statements. While we agree that her face has changed greatly in the last couple of years, we will let you analyze these photos and decide for yourself whether or not the young model is all natural or part plastic.

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