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lady gaga nose job Lady Gaga, or Stefanni Germanotta in real life, is perhaps one of the most celebrated if not talked-about pop artist of this generation and her popularity is due not only to her type of music but also her choice of looks. Since Gaga started rising to super stardom, people have often wondered about her looks and whether she had any work done on her face as well as the rest of her body.

Lady Gaga Nose Job Before & After

Lady Gaga nose job rumors have spread like wildfire in Hollywood, and while the singer has yet to confirm claims; it appears that the media has done it on her behalf courtesy of before and after photographs. It is not at all surprising that a performer like her would opt for cosmetic enhancement, especially with the immense pressure that fans as well as the industry itself put on celebrities like Lady Gaga.

While the pop superstar is hardly the first one to be accused of getting a nose job, her case is certainly more interesting than others because she is known as a gay icon, not at all unlike Cher and Tina Turner. Cher of course is known for having to many procedures that she does not look at all like her former self back in the 70s.

Recent photos of Lady Gaga show that her nose is more tapered and has a less prominent cleft at the very end of the bridge. Many would say that it is plain strange that she opted for such a procedure seeing as there was hardly anything wrong with her original nose. Then again, Hollywood A-listers often find faults in themselves in an attempt to justify improving upon their looks. In Lady Gaga’s case, the change is almost always obscured by heavy make-up and other facial accessories as she does tend to wear ornaments on and around her face when performing live.

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