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Kristin Chenoweth Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kristin Chenoweth Plastic Surgery

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Kristin Chenoweth is an accomplished woman best known for her gorgeous perky voice and great acting career. Her acting skills and her voice may have been the reason why she entered the entertainment business, but it was her charisma which made her famous. Her petite frame is always contrasting with the ambitious characters that she brings to life and perhaps it is this contrast that most people like. Regardless of how Kristin became so famous, one thing is for sure: we can’t help but love her. Nevertheless, our love for this charismatic lady will not make us overlook the controversial before and after pictures which have been circulating the internet. We couldn’t help but notice the fact that Kristin has been looking very different lately. A lot of people say that this is a good change yet we don’t really agree. A quick look at some before and after photos confirms that the Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery rumors are true. However, Kristin’s surgeries are not really a success story as they have left her with a undeniable plastic look. Lets dig deeper into this story and see what were the procedures which transformed Kristin from a natural beauty in a generic Botox diva.

What types of surgeries did Kristin Chenoweth undergo?

According to the many Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery rumors, most of the work was done on her face. It doesn’t take a trained eye in order to see that the face we see in these pictures is not that of a 42 year old woman. However, unlike most celebrities, Kristen has admitted to have gone under the knife. After all, a plastic surgery is not something one should be ashamed of. Most Hollywood divas deny their plastic surgeries because they still want to maintain the illusion that they are naturally beautiful. Only a strong woman like Kristen could be confident enough in order to admit to her surgeries. Most of Kristen’s encounters with plastic surgery involved Botox, which the actress uses as a treatment for her chronic migraines. However, other procedures do not have a health justification. So far, Kristen is believed to have had a rinoplasty, cheek implants and dental veneers. We all remember Kristen’s adorable pointy nose and we really don’t understand why she had it done. Her current plump lips and wrinkle free forehead suggest that she also used Botox fillers.

Was it worth it?

As we mentioned above, the abundance of plastic surgeries that she underwent, left Kristen with a very unflattering plastic look. The Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery tale is not exactly a success story. While she does not look bad, her obsession with plastic surgeries might have disastrous results. We advise Kristen to age with grace and to allow Hollywood to remember her for her charming personality, amazing acting skills and great voice and not for her expressionless face.

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