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kim novak plastic surgery The recent Oscars award ceremony saw the net result of many years worth of plastic surgery done on Kim Novak’s face. The 81 year old veteran actress who is best known for movies such as Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock), and Of Human Bondage attended the Academy Awards and she certainly shocked a lot of people with the current state of her face. To say that the Kim Novak plastic surgery went overboard is a severe understatement. Once known as among the most beautiful faces ever to be seen on the big screen, Novak is now a proverbial cautionary tale of the ill effects of too much cosmetic enhancement.

The 86th Academy Awards ceremony served as her “coming out” event as Novak has not been all that visible in the media the past few years. Many are now aware as to why that is. Obviously, she was very busy getting work done on her face that she totally forgone public appearances, let alone TV or movie projects. Many are saddened by her decision to get so much surgery as her face now looks a lot like The Joker’s. While it is an accepted fact that many Hollywood celebrities resort to surgery, especially those who are advancing in age, it is still inconceivable how a great actress such as Kim Novak would end up the way she did.

Apart from numerous Botox injections, Novak also had at least two facelift surgeries, brow contouring, lip fillers, cheek implants, and rhinoplasty. It is such as shame because Kim was a classic beauty with timeless features. She was put on the same pedestal as Audrey Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, and Elizabeth Taylor, with millions of male as well as female fans that supported her acting career.

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