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keira knightley plastic surgery The beautiful English dame has appeared in a great number of blockbusters and is famous for her swashbuckling antics in The Pirates Of The Caribbean films. Ms Knightley has repeatedly been voted as one of the sexiest women in the world; with all of these accolades one would believe that Kiera would be happy within herself? Or maybe the pressures of stardom have made the actress insecure?

Either way we have noticed a few changes in the appearance of Ms Knightley in recent years.

keira knightley Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Many tabloids have reported that Kiera has had nose surgery; the evidence becomes rather obvious when you study her pictures. A once rounded nose has turned into a little one that is long and pointed.

The operation was done when she was 24 years old (now 28) and her words have been rather humble in the past. She once said ‘’I don’t like wearing make-up, but I have to because of acne.’’

The star has also expressed a desire to have breast implants, if that happened the star would surely be offered a much different set of roles in Hollywood. Doors would open and many would close.

keira knightley Lip Implants

Another noticeable change in her facial features is the structure of her lips. Although Kiera has always had a beautiful mouth and very sexy lips, they do seem to appear fuller than they were a few years back; especially her top lip. Lip injections are a popular choice among celebrities to enhance a youthful complexion.

At least any work Kiera Knightley has done is very subtle and simply enhanced her beauty without destroying it. Too many stars have crossed this bridge to the point of no return.

As long as she leaves the surgeries from now on, we are pretty sure here beauty will stay as graceful as she is on screen!

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