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Jwoww Plastic Surgery

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Jwoww, also known as Jenni Farley, is a TV celebrity, best known for her participation in various reality shows. When she first appeared in Jersey Shore, she was no stranger to plastic surgery, as she had already undergone a breast augmentation surgery. As a former chubby child, Jwoww seems to be quite self conscious about her image, which is why she will stop at nothing in order to maintain the sensual image that she struggled so much to obtain. While we are not in the habit of judging women who use plastic surgery in order to enhance their appearance, we are not very fond of celebrities who lie about their surgeries. According to Jenni, the only procedure she has ever had done was the breast job whose scars are still visible. However, the Jwoww plastic surgery before and after photos tell a different story.

Breast implants

The most relevant Jwoww plastic surgery before and after pictures are the ones which feature the teenager Jenni whose breasts would barely fill an A cup. Nowadays, her oversize breasts are part of her signature look. Despite being very big, Jwoww’s artificial breasts look very nice. We only wished she had undergone the surgery before she was famous, so that she could have hired a better surgeon who would not have left her with such visible scars.

Botox and fillers

In the last couple of years, not only has Jwoww’s face remain immune to the passage of time, but the TV series star has even started to look younger. According to her, while is not against plastic surgeries, she has not yet used Botox or fillers. Jenni claims that the alleged Jwoww plastic surgery before and after plastic surgery photos are merely the result of professional makeup. Her make-up artists, whom she “affectionately” called a drag queen is supposed to be the only one responsible for the improvement of her appearance. However, not only is Jenni’s face looking very rejuvenated lately, but her nose also seems to have suffered some transformations. While Jenni has never admitted to have undergone a rhinoplasti surgery, we can hardly take the word of someone who calls herself Jwoww. Furthermore, no matter how much makeup and professional skin care, can improve a person’s appearance, no natural remedies can turn back time. Jenni once said that she would not do any work on her face until she was at least 30, but it seems that the pressure of a public life hurried that initial deadline.

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