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jennifer grey plastic surgery the bad and the good

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jennifer grey plastic surgery Jennifer Grey is an American actress born on 26 March, 1960 in the city of New York. The celebrity is not only famous for her role as “Baby” in the film Dirty Dancing. She is also famous for her cosmetic surgery stunts that cost her rise to epic stardom. Grey had her first surgery in the early 90s. It was a nose job, otherwise, known as a Rhinoplasty.

The actress had felt that she needs to make a few adjustments to enhance her appearance and get her closer to the Hollywood “standards of beauty”. The nose surgery was, however, done so recklessly, she had to undergo a second surgery to correct the mistakes. Consequently, that which she intended to be a minor adjustment, instead made her almost unrecognizable. The dramatic change puts her in the limelight and under media scrutiny. The effect in her career was not at all good, as no one wanted the new person she had become. Jennifer later admitted that she regretted her nose job, terming it the worst mistake she made as an actress.

Be that as it may, Grey, who is now 52 years old, got back to being a celebrity after participating in the show “Dancing with the Stars” and winning. Grey now appears to have gotten more plastic surgery procedures performed on her. Fortunately for her, the additional cosmetic changes have made her great justice by making her look much younger.

Experts say she may have undergone multiple cosmetic treatments that may have altered how she looks. Her lips may have been previously injected with a plumping agent or implant to make them fuller. Her wrinkle lines also look like they have been filled with Restylane. She is also suspected to be using Botox treatments for her forehead.

The “Dancing with the Stars” celebrity admitted that she once considered getting a nip-tuck operation done on her to improve her appearance. She, however, did not go through with the procedures because her husband convinced her otherwise. She claimed to agree with her husband’s point of view, saying that “aging is inevitable” and that the general craze for eternal youth is “the pitfall of society”. It would appear that the celebrity says one thing but does the other. Be that as it may, she can attest to the fact that surgeries don’t always give you the expected results. The Jennifer Grey plastic surgery clearly shows that there are bad enhancements and good ones.

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