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Jennifer Connelly Plastic Surgery

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Jennifer Lynn Connelly is an American actress born December 1970 in New York. A family friend advised her to audition as a model and she sent some photos to Ford Modeling Agency. Shortly after that, she began to appear in several advertisements, commercials and on the cover of Seventeen magazine in 1986 and 1988. Although she has always been a beautiful appearance, the Jennifer Connelly plastic surgery rumors are true, and the star has gone through some serious changes since her early times.

Small breasts, big breasts, small breasts again

All these Jennifer Connelly plastic surgeries were meant to improve the aspect of the now 42-year old actress. When she was younger, she had a breast augmentation that didn’t have the expected success, because Jennifer started having neck and back pain because of the increased chest. Therefore, she decided to have a breast reduction to solve the issue. Considering the before and after photos, we can be certain that the size of her breasts was significantly reduced from a large 34d to a B size. However, reducing her breasts was a good decision, since she had lost some weight and her body looked disproportioned because of her big breasts.
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The truth is at the tip of her nose

Although the actress never admitted any of these changes, the Jennifer Connelly plastic surgery list can continue with a rhynoplasty. As in many other cases, she declared that her physiognomy has change with age and the weight loss due to the diets she was experienced. Even her publicists stated that Jennifer had never resorted to plastic surgery and her sudden change of look was due to the diets. But as for her nose, we can be certain that she had a well done soft procedure with no noticeable scars that changed the wide and round nose tip shape of her nose with a slimmer and narrower one. Cosmetic specialists who have analyzed her before and after photos have stated that a slimmer and shorter nose can only be achieved through a plastic surgery, and not through diets.

Liar, liar…

It is a trend in Hollywood for celebrities to hide and deny having gone through plastic surgery when they start to display a sudden change of look in various events, and Jennifer Connelly follows this trend. In spite of the truth about the surgical procedures she resorted to, we have to admit that she looks more mature and beautiful.

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