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Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery Controversy

Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery

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Jada Pinkett Smith is considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, as she possesses some spectacular and exotic facial features. So, we can safely assume that Will Smith, who married her in 1997 is a very lucky man, especially since his wife has always proved that she also has a free spirit and a sharp mind. Still, it appears that this talented star who is also a producer, a director and a singer, ushered in many Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery speculations, which involve that she started to use certain tricks in order to eliminate aging effects.

The search for the perfect beauty has determined many celebrities to use cosmetic surgery as they pass a certain age. The fear of disappointing their fans is very big, so people who are constantly in the spotlight would do everything they can to rise to their audience’s expectations. It seems that Jada is one of the Hollywood stars who tries her best to have a great appearance, but does it mean that she went under the knife to achieve her goal?

Cheek implants

Recent photos in which Jada looks very different than we were used to might indicate that the Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery rumors are true, especially if we consider how different her cheekbones look. Although the actress denies all these suppositions, experts claim that she probably tried to achieve a younger appearance by using cheek fillers, which turned out to be a bad decision. While cosmetic surgery has the role to make people look younger, things took another turn in Jada’s case. Furthermore, the procedure might have been done by an inexperienced doctor, because the results are obviously not the desired ones.

Is Jada aging in a bad way?

Based on the fact that the actress strongly denies the Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery rumors according to which she went under the knife several times, we can assume that her new look is a consequence of bad aging. However, a huge weight loss can also have the same effects, as we can observe in older pictures that she had chubbier cheeks. So, losing weight may cause the cheekbone to be more prominent, which can also make her appear older than she actually is. Still, there are experts who claim that her facial features were overly done, and that is why she has to deal with a bad outcome now.

Botox injections

Although her cheek fillers were the center of her operation discussions, there are some opinions according to which she also used Botox to enhance her aspect. Judging from the fact that she is 43 years old and that she had no wrinkles, nor other aging signs, we can safely assume that Jada is using professional help in order to maintain a youthful aspect.

What does Jada have to say?

During one of her interviews, the actress declared that she doesn’t approve with people who opt for too many cosmetic surgeries, which means that she is okay with surgical procedures as long as they are not overly done. Based on how most of the celebrities look, she couldn’t be more right. After all, it doesn’t matter that you achieve a fabulous look if you can’t recognize the person that you see in the mirror anymore. The saddest thing is that usually, people who go under the knife end up looking all the same, which can also rise an identity question.

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