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Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery

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Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Rose McGowan was considered to be a Hollywood wild-child, as she took some interesting decisions along the road. The most shocking thing that the actress did was to appear at one of the MTV Music Awards Galas wearing a seminude dress that allowed her to show off her most intimate body parts. Those days she dated Marilyn Manson, so we can imagine why she acted so outrageously. However, there are other things that people blame her for. For example, her fans are very disappointed in the fact that she started to use cosmetic interventions in order to improve her aspect. The saddest thing about the Rose McGowan plastic surgery is that the celebrity looked amazing before deciding to go under the knife.

Although the actress declared that she had plastic interventions because she suffered a car accident which damaged her face, experts claim that she some cosmetic enhancements which had nothing to do with the accident. Furthermore, there are some signs which indicate the fact that she asked for medical support in order to eliminate wrinkles and to other aging signs.

Rose McGowan plastic surgery

The Rose McGowan plastic surgery rumors according to which she had to struggle very hard in order to reconstruct her face after a car accident are true. The artist was involved in a car accident a few years ago, where a car hit the car that she was in, which resulted in some horrific consequences. The actress was wearing sunglasses which ended up ramming into her eye area and her cheekbone. Rose didn’t realize that she was hurt until she felt the flap of skin after touching her face. That was the moment when she understood that her glasses had sliced her under the eye and that she could have ended up worse. So, she used the services provided by some professional plastic surgeons, and she recovered from her trauma. Still, there are some signs which involve that she used plastic interventions for other purposes than reconstructing her face.

Rose McGowan Botox and injectable fillers

The Rose McGowan plastic surgery suppositions involve that the star opted for reshaping her jaw line and her chin. Analyzing the way she looked in older pictures and the way she looks now, we can see that her lips also look different, as they appear to be much fuller than they used to. Moreover, experts say that her face looks like she is frozen, which means that she had more facial interventions than were necessary.

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