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Has Simon Cowel Plastic Surgery Improved his Look?

Simon Cowel Plastic Surgery

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Looks aren’t everything, but in Hollywood, looks are something. Therefore, it is not odd to hear that a male celebrity has succumbed to various cosmetic procedures, treatments, diets and even plastic surgeries in order to improve their look and maintain a young image. Simon Cowel is one of the many celebs who are believed to have gone through various procedures to erase the signs of time. But has Simon Cowel plastic surgery improved his look?

Simon likes to care for his aspect

Although Simon Cowel has always been a handsome man with a real success in women, his look has improved lately. A healthy diet, sport and a controlled lifestyle are some of the tips that help Simon stay fit and look good. However, given that time passes over him in the same way as it passes over others, but his face looks as young as smooth as in his early ages, there are some reasons to believe that the “Britain’s Got Talent” judge hides a secret to eternal youth. Or, more likely, he calls for the help of cosmeticians and estheticians.

Addicted to Botox injections

When talking about Simon Cowel plastic surgery, we must establish which procedure is considered a plastic surgery. The actor stated that he has never gone under the knife, but he is a real fan of Botox injections, which he offers to his friends as gifts. Simon Cowel believes that these injections are not even similar to plastic surgeries and thinks they are harmless for the face. However, too many injections can seriously affect the elasticity and mobility of the face muscles, like in the case of other celebrities like John Travolta or Sylvester Stallone. This addiction to Botox that Simon has keeps his fans worried because although now his face looks young and natural, we do not know how he might look in a few years.

Signs of a facelift

The prime-time actor and reality show judge was seen on Sunset Boulevard with a bizarre bandage behind his ear, which raised some questions in the source of that bandage. Gossips said that they were signs of one of the many Simon Cowel plastic surgery episodes that were performed secretly. What was more questionable is that he had no interest in hiding the bandages, which was later explained by a close friend, who stated that Simon had cut himself by accident and that was the only reason he wore the bandage. We tend to believe that this is true because if Simon had a facelift, his face would have looked more stretched and hardened, which is not the case.

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